Thursday, May 05, 2005

Symc scores

Helloo everybody!

Ok symc scores, great results for Q4 eanding full year 2005 on a high, record earnings.
approx 24% growth in Q4 earnings vs last year. Profit had marginal growth due to repatriation of money from overseas back into the US, which incurred tax liability.
Moving forward they see about 700-720 million in Q1 2006 revenue and they also plan to have the merger completed this coming Q.
Share price was up during day trading and slightly down in afterhours.
I did not see the 10% spike I was hoping for but I think symc will move up to about $21 in the coming couple of days. Thats my pull out mark.

Mips climbed a little. Still alot of publicity out there about the PSP, approx 3 million in sales globally since launch. Which on all account is a success, and yet is still early on in the game.

Thinking of moving back into nok again and shorting aapl. Nok has excellent products, still best in class for handsets, and the line up loooks awsome and has had a warm reception by the review crowd. They should have a competitor to the PSP in a couple of years.
They already have an ipod replacement.

Apple, to many ipod replacements that are looking good and getting better in terms of usability. Apple is quickly loosing it's edge. The Mac mini from my undertsanding has not been a tremendous success. Apple OS and app's still provide for a neiche market and that is not going to change untill they go x86 (which is a high risk item if i go short).

be back later this avo!


ThePoolRoom said...

There's nothing niche about Apple computers! You've said yourself that hosted applications are the future - so all you really need is a browser anyway :-).

Apple is climbing rapidly in PC sales volumes. Last figures I read were an increase from 2.6% of the total PC market to 3.5% over the past year (figures may be off by a fraction, but they're in the ballpark). In terms of volume, they shipped something like 32% more PCs last quarter than in the corresponding quarter last year.

Still, the hype is more around the iPod than the PC side of things, so there might be a dip before the rocket takes off for the moon :-).

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