Friday, May 06, 2005

Thoughts for the day

Ok, Symc did not spike like i had hopped. Thats the bad news. The good news is that it did not sink :). Ok so now what....what does it mean.
Well, volume is good, meaning that there are buyers, everyone buying now is not going to sell untill they get their cut, which should be about 5-10%.
So what could cause a sell off: 1) Bad news about the economy 2) Msft ships an competing product for free.
Ok chances and risk of:
1) very low - we know the economy is not shit hot and things are going to remain on this ice for a while to come. I can't see a sudden crash from normal ecnomic evolution over the next 12 months.
2) medium - we know msft is working on a product. Their spyware was very poor, if the virus software is similar, its not going to have a big impact on symc top line.

So my verdict: stick to it for now. I have nothing else to jump into since I have not done my homework.

And now the other holding: MIPS - no movement, but thats ecpected from a small cap. As soon as there the hype factor on the PSP goes up one notch the stock is going to jump in.
I just hope at that point i have some more to put into it.
Reasoning to stay in position remains the same: PSP
Risk - low, there chips are growing in devices they have application with and the number of devices in this world is going to continue to gow. High performance, low power chips are the way of the future and this is what these guys do. Go Mips....

Ok so what is there to move into going forward....good question. I have done very little study.
I think sunw, there service model rocks...perhaps a bit before its time, but better to be a leader than trying to catch up. Their software and now hardware is moving in the right direction.
Long term buy.

ntap: storage rocks and these guys are at the top of their game

nok: Love these guys, doing it all right at the moment, networks division and handheld.

adbe: the future of printed content is close to its death bed. replacement: pdf :)

goog: yeah baby, check out their web accelerator. Not sure it really does anything, i would have to set up a system to test but to many variables and not my turf.
these guys rock as a whole. Techies running a tech company...thats the combination required to success.
Waiting on a skype like client from these people.....should be good.

ok enough chat for the day. I should hit the sack now.
Talk to you all tomorrow.

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