Friday, July 29, 2005

Coming Week...

Ok been thinking....

Nok (up about 3% from the last plan of intent!)
adbe - same good by to paper, say hi to pdf!
mips - continued growth from them i believe from PSP and continued number of license deals
aapl - not an ipod fan but they should have some ipod replacements and the color ipod is cool
yhoo - have their feet in everything, quick to follow in googles foot steps and still in front of MSN
symc - continue on with excellent growth and still number one in security with veritas on board
risk: currency risks with strengthening dollar against Euro according to statements from recent Q earnings
ntap - storage is king and these guys are at the top of their game
nvda - in the PS3 baby!
stx - hard drives, storage is king!
txn - these guys are manufacturing in the emerging markets.
goog - long term hold i think
atyt - xbox 360 - i think the PS3 is going to kill but there still is the big pool of naieve msft supporters - it's the controller apparently!
sne - PSP, PS3 and electronics is going to go off; high risk though due to: music is a dead industry, movies need reform, finance - dont know how they are doing there, electronics - they have to pick up their game! apple is out to eat them
amzn - excellent results - these guys are coming of their own. They just need to go Global!
pixr - cars looks good, they are moving to two movies per year.

rhat - solaris is going to kill RedHat Linux

Don't knows:
ebay - did short and went the wrong way...was listening to the earnings webcast. I still think alot of risk in their core business and that their saving grace is Paypal. But Paypal could end up being an iPod story so I have taken ebay of the short list and am considering long. But its a 3Q long position.

sunw - look at my privious post "where is the Sun"
orcl - still number in databases and now they are going to take on salesforce and SAP head on!
armhy - i like mips better!
intc - still the best desktop CPU's and Xeon is just a default, but what about the future - WiMax?
airn - WiMax - the next big thing - but risk unknow with these companies
alvr - WiMax - the next big thing - but risk unknow with these companies
mcdata - like ntap better but these guys have a relationship with dell for blade storage
brcm - have not been following!

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