Monday, February 13, 2006

Looking Forward To Feb 2006

Ok, it's been a while my friends. This is going to be a very quick note about what I am thinking about and watching this month Feb of 2006.

To begin with, I am watching Google, Nvidia, Network Appliance and Apple. Google because the share price has fallen from around 430 before there last Q earnings and I think at forward looking PE for 2006 of 40 makes them cheap considering they will in the worst case keep growing at 50% year over year for atleast the next 4-5 years.

Nvidia has its graphics cards in the playstation 3. This is going to be Sonys single biggest release that will influence the direction of the company and either kills or makes their electronics division. So whats in this PS3 - for techincal details head to the gaming sites etc. On a very high level, we will apparently see: wireless controllers, dual tuner which will support 1080p, Blu-Ray drive, hard drive, Ethernet Port for online gaming. Integration with the PSP for remote control of the PS3. Streaming of content stored on your PS3 to your PSP as long as both devices are networked. You will also see an online store selling music and videos and provide an online gaming environment like Msft has in xbox live.
Now if all of the above is true and the gaming quailty is better than the xbox 360, and I mean like considerably better, than Sony has the new generation console fight in the bag, regardless of launch price and availability.
So Nvidia a def. watch.

Network Appliance - Storage requirments are growing all over the world in every industry and these guys cater for the medium to large enterprise. The medium eterprise space is where the magic is happening and these guys are number one with their iSCSI solution and NAS systems.

Apple - We are expecting a new ipod on Feb 22 and from the last announcement in early Jan introducing the intel Mac's the stock is down from 84 down to about 64. Nice time to buy considering the iPod domination is not yet underthreat and all the new Apple products are also picking up pace slowly.

Ok so thats what I am watching and excited about at the moment. The other things of interest are, Japan and its growth, the housing market in Australia and the US. Ben Bernanake(sp?) and interest rates in the US. The resource market and consumer sentiment.

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